Interior designer

When you contact me I come to your home or workplace.

I put all my skills and experience at your service to understand and analyze your needs.

I realize your desires mixing your environment and your personality.

Accompanied by samples of materials and colors, wallcoverings and floor tiles, I create a universe harmonizing with your personality, your desires and the structure of your home.

When the measures are taken, your project takes a concrete form serving as a solid foundation for the creation of your project!

decorateur echantillon


interior designer

I’m setting up your work and its logistics!

When your project is validated  I arrange professional team of artisans, purchasing of materials, planning and organisation.

Vous avez des talents et vous préférez vous occuper de certaines tâches comme de la peinture.

 My experience is for you, to facilitate a creation and development of your future interior!

I adapt to all situations!


Interior Designer

I present to you unique and prestigious samples combining technology, design and elegance of European manufacturing.

Graduated from a sewing school, I create clothes for your windows and your furniture seams.

The furniture is chosen or created to enhance the decoration and architecture of your home.

I am accompanied by seamstresses and artisans experts in furniture to shape your creations.

Being an architect and decorator, I prepare your interior with unique and subtle decorative materials!


 Interior designer

You need to sell or rent your property but the decor is a bit outdated or too personalized,

Whether you are a real estate agency or a private individual, I decorate and dress your interior.

To make your buyer or tenant fall in love with an ambiance.

The first glance is an emotional trigger!!